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Coaching is a creative and supportive partnership between coach and coachee/client, with the goal of assisting the coachee to take action towards the realization of their vision, goals and desires. In sessions, the partnership will engage in a process of inquiry that will lead the coachee towards the discovery of their potential, and to uncover fresh perspectives and creative answers. This process of increasing self-awareness facilitates the experience of meaningful performance in their personal and/or professional lives. 

A coach brings structure, support and a listening ear to sessions so that the coachee is free to explore their own awareness around challenges and desired outcomes. The goal is not to focus on past failures, but to gain perspective on generating positive alternatives that are directed to the future.  

In a business/executive coaching context, the focus of sessions will be on a supportive partnership that works towards setting efficient, attainable and meaningful goals, in order to bring about improved professional and/or organizational performance. The coach brings forth thought-provoking questions, useful exercises, and foster facilitative discussion in group settings, all with the objective to help the coachee either individually, or in groups, problem solve, plan, and develop themselves professionally.


Both general Mindfulness and Mindful Leadership Coaching are intended to collaborate on creating a foundational Mindfulness practice in the coachee, built around the nuances of one's individual lifestyle. Upon establishing a foundational practice, the coach and coachee will identify how integrating Mindfulness can improve one's decision-making, communication, and actions, and identify strategies to maintain Mindfulness in daily life.

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