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Consultation & Facilitation Services

Seeing the disruptive nature of the moment as an opportunity takes time to cultivate. It requires a rethink of our typical narratives and organizational structures. Organizations with poor cultures will continue to struggle with high-turnovers, siloed thinking, poor communication, and employee burnout. A strategic and human-centred culture is what separates a great organization from an average one. It creates an environment for creativity, enhanced sustainability, belonging, and employee wellbeing to thrive. Work with Good Being to co-create a custom approach to define, plan, and sustain a culture built with your team in mind.

  • Custom packages include engagements such as employee feedback research and debriefing, custom workshops and training sessions, and our collaborative storytelling program

  • Additionally, should your team have your own challenging topics or subjects to navigate, Good Being provides facilitation services informed by a mindfulness-based approach to create an environment of safety, belonging, and participation for those involved.

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