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Our society and our planet are calling on us to change our way of being in the world. The disruption created by technology, globalization, climate change, and inequality offers an opportunity to reimagine what it means to participate as individuals, businesses and organizations, and as communities. The Good Being theory of change is centred around three concepts that inform and reinforce each other: mindfulness, wellness, and sustainability. 

Good Being services are designed to establish a foundational framework of mindfulness that is integrated with the principles of wellness and sustainability. They are intended to empower individuals and organizations to turn the disruptive nature of the moment into an opportunity for new, regenerative ways of being, inspired by nature. Challenges are inevitable, but a systematic framework can turn them from problems and limitations to opportunities.

Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness at its heart is a quality of being in which one is aware of the present moment, free from the layer of concepts and judgement that often clouds the ability to perceive clearly. In order to identify how our current ways of being are creating barriers to our wellness as individuals and the sustainability of our planet, we must more clearly see how our choices and actions are connected to the bigger picture. 

Mindfulness has been scientifically shown to have beneficial effects on stress management and overall well-being, such as reducing anxiety and depression, improving memory and cognitive function, boosting the immune system and resilience, increasing creativity and problem-solving abilities, and promoting positive relationships and communication. 

Furthermore, mindfulness can be practiced anywhere, at anytime, by anyone. It is fully accessible and has no side-effects - it just takes practice. Establishing a foundation of mindfulness allows one to observe habitual patterns and reactions so that one can avoid responding in automatic and familiar non-constructive ways. The space formed through mindful awareness can produce an approach to problem-solving that emphasizes the experience of our own existence as part of nature.

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