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Bo Aganaba

Founder & Principal

Bo is the Founder and Principal at Good Being Co. He is an urban, environmental, and energy planner by training, and former executive director of a youth-led sustainability not for profit organization. The son of Nigerian immigrants, he has spent time living in the UK, Canada, Hungary and Denmark - which has all contributed to giving him a deep sense of appreciation and belonging to the world as a whole. 

Through his experience working with sustainability advocates and professionals, Bo has seen and felt the risks of burnout, anxiety, fear, and eco-grief facing so many. As a long-time mindfulness and meditation practitioner, his passion is to help people hold the reality of the scale of the challenges we face through mindful awareness, while also using collaboration, creativity, storytelling, and dialogue to help teams navigate challenging topics and goals. 

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Amelia Galizia

Professional Coach, Principal

Amelia is an ICF-credentialed certified coach, with a commitment to bringing positive psychology, mindfulness and sustainability to her professional coaching practice. In addition to these qualities, Amelia possesses a keen curiosity for people, which began as a little girl growing up in London, ON. This same curiosity lead her to actively engage in the performing arts during her youth, gain new cultural perspectives and learn new languages by living abroad in both France and Italy. It also drove her academic interests, completing a Bachelor of Arts in theatre, and two Master of Arts degrees in women’s studies and feminist research, as well as in immigration and settlement studies.  

It is Amelia’s journey of curiosity that called her to pursue the work of coaching. Amelia coaches with the values of compassion, play, and wonder, and is interested in applying the philosophical concepts of self-actualization and phenomenology (lived-experience) to her practice to help her clients embody more fulfilled and realized lives. 

Amelia is an experienced trainer and facilitator and has been leading her own workshop on the topics of anti-racism and privilege at both the middle-management and working levels in the Government of Canada for over two years. She is a passionate public speaker, community activist and lover of books and travel. Amelia currently resides in Ottawa, ON with her partner and dog, and loves cooking, nature walks and practicing yoga in her free time.  

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“To participate in the dance of life with sense to perceive it, lungs that breathe it, organs that draw nourishment from it is a wonder beyond words.”

- Joanna Macy

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