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mindfulness - sustainability - wellness

co-creating a re-generative way of being in this world

Business as usual is an unworkable way forward. We need both individuals and organizations to embrace the challenge of embedding the values of mindfulness, wellness, and sustainability into the emerging generation of workplace culture.

Every individual can introduce an element of ecological awareness into the execution of their responsibilities. Through creative storytelling, workshops, and coaching and consultation, Good Being exists to transform individuals so that we can transform systems.

Nearly four in 10 (44% of Gen Zs and 37% of millennials) say they have rejected assignments due to ethical concerns, while 39% and 34%, respectively, have turned down employers that do not align with their values.

Source: Deloitte Gen Z and Millenial Survey 2023



My name is Bo Aganaba

I am a consultant, speaker, facilitator, mindfulness coach, and the founder of Good Being. I help both individuals and teams to embrace the opportunities for new paths forward at this critical transition point for our society and world.

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